Where your work begins

We've created a dashboard for you that gives you an overview of everything you need to do and deal with every day.

It displays the most important information, such as the most recent files, tasks, notes, hours worked, recently opened documents.


Their clear monitoring and sharing.


Common notes, shared files, worksheets, notes, e-mail communication.

Document Management

All in one place

You upload all your documents in an instant by dragging them to individual files. You share them efficiently in a team. With advanced search, you'll always find what you need quickly.

Take your documents to the next level. The e-mail attachments you send to RA LAW are automatically uploaded to the documents in the case.


Finally simple tracking of time worked

The difficulty of tracking what and how long you have worked each day is high. It is often up to 5 hours a week to rewrite „time tables and internal time reports“. That's why we've developed the fastest and most convenient application for you to automatically track hours worked. You can also write down the feedback you and your client did in seconds.

This functionality is always at hand throughout the RA LAW application.


Now you have everything in one application

You are already effective, you have an overview, you have set prices for individual clients, or the method of billing (it may also differ for the client at the level of individual cases). Now all you have to do is use a simple wizard to invoice hours worked or flat rates.

It will be your favorite activity and you will save hours of work on other systems.


Advanced Reporting

In particular, the management of the office or legal department needs to obtain an overview of the hours worked.

You can create reports for different periods, per customer, case or employee. It's up to you what you need to know.

Notification Center

Important notices right up to your mobile

RA LAW monitors events and important deadlines.

Just use e-mail alerts and follow the Notification Center and stay in the picture.

From anywhere, whether from a PC in the office, with a tablet in hand in a cafe, or with a mobile phone on the street.

Data Exports

Into Excel or PDF

With more data or advanced graphical processing of office results, you can use a spreadsheet. Just use one export button, select a format and work with such data without limits.

Application Availability

We live in modern online times. All you need to know is your user passwords and you can log in on any device, fixed or mobile, and get unlimited access to all your data and features.

Security and Data Backup

Your data is safe with us

Your data is secured in a top-level Tier 4 Cloud repository used by banks or ministries. Your data is in EU and never leaves. It is backed up to two physical locations so you never lose it.